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Tianjin, China

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The company has service capabilities in many fields such as manufacturing, trade, and finance.



Japanese original

Japanese original machine or parts. Or Chinese OEM alternative.

Smooth payment channel

Financial settlement can be done using multiple channels.

Convenient clearance

Years of business contacts have created smooth customs clearance channels.

Experience Team

Has a customer service and purchasing department to meet a variety of needs.

Don’t Know What To Start With?

We Always Ready For Challenge

Years of brand accumulation and industry precipitation have honed a perfect service system.

Excavator & Bulldozer Parts

Products cover common brands and models, and the quality follows Japanese inspection standards.

Japanese brand road machinery

In-depth cooperation with Sakai and Sumitomo, and provide a full range of transportation and export services.

We Help You to Get Everything You Needed!

The stability and development of the supply chain is the core issue that every enterprise needs to pay attention to.
We will be your most reliable supply chain partner in the field of construction machinery.

All You need

Japanese quality, Chinese price, great service.