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SW-TW medium double drum vibratory roller

by Dec 8, 2020

SW502S-1 is a road roller suitable for medium-scale asphalt pavement construction requirements. The design fully considers construction economy, operation safety, maintenance convenience, and environmental adaptability and other requirements.


Weight : 4,220 kg

Lamination width : 1,300 mm

Engine : Kubota KUBOTA V2203-M-ET04

Amplitude : 0.27 mm(L) ; 0.35 mm(H)

Vibration frequency : 55.0Hz

Vibration force : 26.5 kN(L) ; 34.3 kN(H)



Triple brake device & engine start interlock protection switch


SAKAI patented vibration-damping rubber improves driving comfort and prolongs mechanical service life


Stainless Steel Sprinkler Pipe & Sprinkler Nozzle, Never Wear Out


Standard awning


Air cleaner with dual element configuration


Independent vibration function

The front or rear wheels of the vehicle can vibrate independently, which can meet the construction requirements of local rolling of the road surface.

Sprinkler switch automatic switching function

When the sprinkler switch is in the “AUTO” position, the forward and backward handle returns to the neutral position, and the sprinkler action stops.

Triple Sprinkler Filtration System

Three-stage filtration effectively avoids clogging of sprinkler nozzles.

High-quality "Kubota" engine

Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic filters, various hydraulic valves, air filters, etc. use imported accessories from Europe, America and Japan.

Different from others

Different from other brands of road rollers, Sakai designed the walking motor and the vibration motor to cross the front and rear rollers respectively, so the front and rear driving forces of the road roller are uniform during the construction process, which can obtain better construction results.
Other companies’ road rollers use a combination of pins and bushings at the front and rear frame connections, which often require frequent lubricating oil and have a low service life.
On the other hand, the road roller with Sakai technology is excellent in steering and rocking durability. Heavy-duty bearings are used to enhance service life.