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Double Cylinder Hydraulic Shear

by Dec 8, 20200 comments


Hydraulic shears are for industrial demolition of steel structures like buildings, cars, and many more. As well our hydraulic shear attachments are used in scrapyards, where they are used for secondary breaking and recycling.


Double-cylinder hydraulic shear

Model:  YBZA200D

Blade length: 200 mm

Opening width: 1100 mm

Weight: 2430 Kg

Supporting Excavator: 20-26 ton

Optimal Combination

Fully comply with the RC strength design standard of Japanese demolition machinery

HARDOX steel plate

bring the highest strength with the lightest weight to reduce product damage and maintenance costs.

Electromagnet suction cup

Japanese original, can extract and carry steel bars, one machine, dual-use, double efficiency.

Speed-increasing valve

equipped with high-quality oil cylinders and speed-increasing valves, powerful, fast opening and closing, greatly increasing work efficiency.

Tool steel blade

After special heat treatment, it can be used on all sides and can easily cut 30mm steel bars

Product Pictures

We provide low cost and easy maintenance of hydraulic attachment.


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