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6m Asphalt Paving Paver

by Dec 8, 2020


Sumitomo paver is equipped with Isuzu intelligent engine, which realizes high working efficiency and low energy consumption required by environmental protection. Align exhaust emissions with statutory benchmarks

Paving capacity

The stepless retractable Jpaver screed can be retracted from 2.3m to 6.0m at will without splicing.

Paving width : 2.3~6.0m stepless expansion

Paving thickness : 10~300mm

Paving speed : 1~20m/min

Hopper capacity : 13ton

Dome ratio / slope ratio : -1~3(Hyd.) / 0~3%

development concept

Environmental performance

※ Ultra-low noise certification
※ Using a new type of travel motor, the travel speed of HA60W reaches 15Km/min (when moving forward)
※ Added energy saving mode

Ease of use/reliable safety performance

※ It adopts a clear color display screen, which is arranged in the operation box of the whole machine and ironing plate
※ New ironing plate (increased rigidity, improved telescopic scraper)
※ The use of rocking push rollers improves the pick-up efficiency of the feeder


※ Improved emergency operability in the event of a mechanical failure (emergency operation with a hand pump)
※ Improved durability of wearing parts (auger chain box cover, etc.)



Quickly adjust the drop between the front and rear screeds using hydraulic electronic controls.


One-button dome scale adjustment


Screed automatic locking and soft advance


Reversible conveyor belt


Oscillating push rollers for easy pushing of unloading trucks.